Case Study 3 – Programme Director, Investment Bank

We started working with Platinum Group as we embarked on a mission to Transform KYC and Client Referential Data Management; improve banking due diligence control and streamline referential data operation and modernise with REST API technology implementation. The bank looked for a consultancy partnership which could offer both shared risk and people with proven record in highly niche, difficult to identify skillsets in REST API design and architecture.


The services and skillsets proposed were above expectation. Platinum delivered impressive profiles and experience not matched by more established consultancies. The impact was felt even before onboarding as the consultants were able to convey the “Art of the Possible” to a cross section of internal SMEs during the onboarding process. The subsequent landing of the SoW was a mere formality.


Platinum Group offers a 2-sided approach where client’s requirements are well understood and even challenged sometimes to mitigate the client’s lack of clarity and financial services market insight. The other side is the crucial ability to identify leading experts and preparedness during the client pitch. The level of in-depth research and due diligence carried out before a solution is presented to the client is unique and unrivalled.

It is my intention to engage Platinum’s service and continue the partnership for future transformation programmes.


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